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Online meeting between OTS and Ningbo Auto Components Industry Association

Release Date:2023-06-05 00:00:00Clicks:2277

 On June 5, 2023, at 3:00 pm (9:00 am Italian time), OTS Assembly, Ningbo Auto Components Industry Association (Ningbo AIA) and Inkred International Consulting Ningbo Ltd. (Inkred) held an online meeting to promote the exchange of resources and to absorb the experience of the best global companies in the field of smart manufacturing.



The meeting was attended by Sandro, General Manager, Alessandro, Sales Director, Alessio, Technical Director and Setareh, Marketing Specialist of OTS; WANG Hong, Secretary General of Ningbo AIA; Carrie Jiao, General Manager, Jade Chen, Assistant to General Manager and Lucrezia Farinetti, Italian Coordinator of Inkred.
OTS is a well-known company in the Italian industry and has been working with car manufacturers such as FIAT for many years. OTS focuses on automation processes for the assembly of small and medium sized components and has accumulated a wealth of experience in the long-term field. They are interested in the Chinese market and the automotive parts industry, and also mentioned the problems and difficulties they have encountered in the past when working with Chinese companies.



Mr. WANG Hong, Secretary General of Ningbo AIA, introduced the basic situation of auto and parts industry development in Ningbo, review and summary of smart manufacturing work in Ningbo industry. He also described the needs of Ningbo local enterprises for intelligent manufacturing and put forward several requirements: 1) to conduct business according to the characteristics and laws of the Chinese market. 2) to develop the market with Chinese thinking combined with their own characteristics. 3) must set up a local service organization or find a suitable local service provider for cooperation, use the superposition effect to make differentiation and get the recognition and trust of Chinese customers. The last point is the most critical.



The meeting lasted for more than 2 hours, with full communication and exchange. The Italian side agreed with the suggestions made by the Chinese side and expressed that they would keep in touch in the coming phase and continue to promote the cooperation to get results.

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