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Vision systems: opportunities offered by artificial vision technologies from the Italian point of view

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一: Background

The Vision Systems represent both in Italy and in China a field with great development opportunities, particularly in the Industry 4.0 sector. Machine vision is a fundamental component of automation: no technology is more efficient than machine vision for evaluating products and finding defects. Augmented reality systems are ideal for making industrial processes faster, more efficient and safer. But VS are not just Industry 4.0. Designed with the best AI solutions, there are also VS applications for facial recognition, vehicle / plate recognition and people detection.

Markets of interest also include food, pharmaceutical and medical. Through our webinar we want to offer an overview of some of the latest related technologies through the lenses of some innovative Italian companies, capturing in particular their creative and non-standardized approach.


二: Mode and Date

Mode Online Zoom meeting / Offline speeches and discussions
Date May 29th
Offline Location 23 Huizheng Alley, Moonlake Jinhui Town, Ningbo
Online Platform Zoom meeting link(TBA)


三: Hosts

Hosted by: Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Association; Inkred International Consulting Ningbo Co., Ltd.

Supported by: Ningbo Foreign Expert Bureau; Ningbo Innovation an Entrepreneur Management Service Centre; Ningbo Innovation Management Service Centre ; Ningbo Productivity Promotion Centre


四:  Language

Chinese &English


五: Agenda

May 29th
14:30-15:00 Sign-in
15:00 Activity start
15:00-15:05 The introduction speech by Inkred


Speeches by the government representatives


The speech by representatives from Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Association


The company name: ADDFOR

Topic: Computer Vision in Manufacturing: pushing up the limits

Speaker: Enrico Busto (Founder of ADDFOR)

I've been working since graduation in the field of Artificial Intelligence applied to engineering (actually, in 1995 A.I. was known as "Neural Networks").

After a 10-years working experience with a leading company, developing mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists, I founded Addfor in 1998.

From the beginning I drove the company focus on selecting, testing and implementing the best available Artificial Intelligence technologies to create innovative solutions, from advanced controls for high performance cars to guidance systems for aerospace applications.

I hold Master Degree of Aeronautical Engineering from Politecnico di Torino and Imperial College London.


The company name: D-EYE

Topic: Artificial Intelligence and medical devices: a new era for healthcare

Speaker:Alberto Scarpa (CEO of D-EYE)

A telecommunication engineering graduate of Padua University, Alberto is the CEO of D-EYE Srl. He works on bleeding edge medical technologies and products, managing the definition, development and industrialisation processes from the first product concept to product commercialisation and manufacturing production.


The company name: JoinPad

Topic: How to build the next smart factory with Augmented Reality

Speaker:Mauro Rubin (Founder of JoinPad)

Mauro Rubin is the CEO & Founder of JoinPad, one of the most advanced Augmented Reality companies in the industrial sector. He collaborates as AR Startup Mentor with Anthill Ventures, and represents Tus-Holdings in Italy as an expert in the AI/AR sector.

2021 is the year of Augmented Reality. A huge revolution has arrived, driven by the application of this technology in the industrial sector and the digital shift following Covid-19. Augmented Reality is the convergent technology par excellence: improving man’s perception of the environment, it enables the user to interact with machines connected to the IoT world, Artificial Intelligence, and complex systems. Exploring this new ecosystem, we will discover how an AR platform can transform a normal factory into a future Smart Factory.

16:40-17:00 Discussions
17:00 The End
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