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Delegation of Chiefs of Ningbo Stations of Central and Provincial Level News Agencies Visits Italy

Release Date:2019-10-23 00:00:00Clicks:12309

On October 22nd, 2019, accompanied by Mr. XU Mengting, Head of News Management Division of Publicity Department of Ningbo Municipal Committee, chiefs of Ningbo Stations of 6 central and provincial level news agencies including Mr. LI Zhongwen, President of Zhejiang Branch of People’s Daily visited Physis New Energy Technology Srl. and Phase Motion Control S.p.a. in Italy’s harbor city Genoa, meeting with Mr. Marco Venturini and Mr. REN Wenjie to discuss their 20-year Sino-Italian cooperation and company development, how to expand the depth and range of Sino-Italian cooperation under the circumstance of the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as the future and core factors of intelligent manufacturing in China. On the following day, the delegation visited Region Piedmont, the industrial and innovation center of norther Italy and conducted in-depth exchanges with the regional government on the results and future prospects of the economic and trade cooperation between the two areas.




Main media members of the delegation are: Mr. LI Zhongwen, President of Zhejiang Branch of People’s Daily, Mr. FANG Yibo, Deputy Chief Editor of Zhejiang Branch, President of Ningbo Sub-branch of Xinhua News, Mr. YU Jindong, President of Ningbo Correspondent Station of Economic Daily, MS. CAO Meili, Deputy President of Ningbo Correspondent Station of China Media Group, Mr. XIE Ye, President and Chief Editor of Ningbo Branch of Zhejiang Daily Press Group, Mr. GAO Song, Deputy Chief of Ningbo Correspondent Station of Zhejiang Radio & TV Group, Voice of Zhejiang.


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