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Future and Innovation: World Language of Machines Salon in Ningbo

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Organized by Inkred International (Sino-Italian IMTP Centre), Jiangxia Think Tank,Ningbo Robot Association and Robospeak, Sino-Italian Robot Salon took place in Jinhui Town of Moon Lake in Ningbo on 18th of September. Over 30 entrepreneurs, institutes and investors, as well as 4 academic and industry experts participated in this salon, having had a deep and comprehensive discussion on Machine Vision, Special Robots, Autonomous Navigation, other related technologies and applications.

(Speech: Evaluating Autonomous Navigation
Speaker: Gabriele Ermacora )

(Speech: An Introduction to the SJTU National Laboratory of Sensing and Navigation
Speaker: Daniele Sartori )

Gabriele Ermacora, BeiDou Project Manager, Post Doctor of Robotics Engineer at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Ph.D. of Polytechnic University of Turin, Daniele Sartori, Assist Professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Ph.D. of Polytechnic University of Turin in Aerospace Engineering, Li Lijun, Member of the National “Intelligent Robot” major special evaluation expert group of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Vice President of Cixing Group/Chairman of Cixing Robot, and LIU Li, Doctor, General Manager of Ningbo Sanwei Robot shared latest updates of talent communication, technology cooperation and information sharing between China and Italy from different angles and layers such as advanced technologies of intelligent manufacturing and robot in Italy, deep application of Sino-Italian intelligent manufacturing technologies, machine vision empowers flexible production, social assistance robot.

(Speech: Machine Vision Empowers Flexible Production
Speaker: LI Lijun)

(Speech: Social Assistance Robot: Opportunities and Challenges
Speaker:LIU Li )

Since 2001, Phase Motion Control Ningbo has cultivated and developed Phase Motion Control China into a “hidden Champion” in the field of servo motor, new energy industry and energy conversion” by introducing advanced

Italian motor technology, digesting, absorbing and re-innovating.

Ningbo Cixing Robot is the “national team” in the field of robot application, which has deep and extensive cooperation with Italy in talent and technology areas.

(Mr. REN Wenjie, Chairman of Phase Motion Control Ningbo)

In the discussion session, general managers of robotics companies, university professors and investors who are concerned about robot development made an in-depth communication on key issues and pain points such as robot industry development, application scenarios, and business segments in different fields from different angles. Mr. REN Wenjie, Chairman of Phase Motion Control China, combined his own development experience, proposed that the current robotics and intelligent manufacturing industries must pay attention to the application scenarios of core technologies to realize the extension from technology to products, that it is of necessity to have commercial logic and be good at finding paths for industrialization and entrepreneurial strategic thinking. He hopes that everyone would think about how to “go out” and introduce, to recommend the Chinese market to Italy through the platform of China-Italy Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Promotion Centre, introduce advanced technology from Italy, and provide better business value possibilities for everyone. Modern technology iterations are too fast, that we have to race against time, through capital and resource integration, from cumulative development to integrated development. It is important to solve key talent problems, that government and universities should be oriented to cultivate and deliver high quality talents that meets companies’ demands.

According to Carrie Jiao, the person in charge of the organizer Inkred International (Sino-Italian Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Promotion Centre), Ningbo has continued to strengthen cooperation with Italy in the fields of intelligent manufacturing and industrial design in recent years. Italy obtains leading technologies and outstanding innovation capabilities in industrial robots, auto parts, aerospace, medical equipment, etc. Inkred has always insisted on promoting in-depth exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and Italian companies, governments, universities and research institutions, and introducing excellent projects, technologies and high-end talents to promote the transformation and upgrade of Ningbo's manufacturing industry.

Ninbgbo Intelligent Manufacturing Salons are organized by Inkred (Sino-Italian IMTP Centre), Jiangxia Think Tank and will be organized monthly to focus on advanced technologies and serve the intelligent manufacturing of Ningbo.

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